The idea behind the label is the ability to transmit futuristic frequencies with any available resources. By selecting and presenting audio material with the power to change, our endeavours are focused on overcoming the mediocre audio programming that is being fed to the planet, creating barriers within our minds and between civilizations. Using the science of creation to transcend percieved limitations. Connecting the advances in our culture and technology with the important lessons of visionaries that came before us.

The vinyl record is the symbol of DJ culture even in the time of digital mixing and auto-syncing. It represents more than just the physical form or the tangible aspect of DJ-ing. It is the medium whose cyclical movement best represents time itself. And in the end, all music is temporal art.

The art of the DJ mix is finding a space in time where the output becomes greater than just the sum of its parts. It could be an unexpected sensation, a great sequence of songs or that moment where two records fit together so seamlessly, so perfectly, they merge into a new entity.

We choose to enter the abyss of modern electronic output to share our vision of the future. A future that is not based on flavor-of-the-week hype but one that is built on the experience of a life-long journey.

This is our mission statement.